• May 28, 2013

Chile: A Concert and a Kid,
our Masters of Beauty

Mimi at the concert

A month ago the Heart’s Home Center in Valparaiso orga­nized a con­cert attended by 100 (mostly young) people. Matías, from Concepción, a faithful friend of the Chilean team, was inter­viewed after the con­cert:

What did you think about the artistic per­for­mance?

The artists invited to the event included Pancho Vera, an expe­ri­enced troubadour from Concepción and the local duet “Aire y Tierra.” I was deeply impressed by the quality and beauty of the music, of the voices, of the guitar accords…
Everybody was moved and expe­ri­enced an intense show, a show which came from the soul… The public kept asking for the artists to go on playing, for them not to leave the sce­nario..

Do you know the kid who accom­pa­nied the Heart’s Home mis­sion­aries during the con­cert?

Indeed! It’s beloved Mimí. It was very moving to see how he and some other friends who live in the Heart’s Home neigh­bor­hood com­mitted to help and col­lab­o­rate with the event.

Mimí’s real name is Sigisfredo. He’s a spe­cial kid, suf­fering from mental paral­ysis. He’s four­teen years old and is a faithful vis­itor of the Heart’s Home center. On week­ends, when he does not go to school, he joins the mis­sion­aries for morning prayer and stays in the house until dusk. Even though very simple tasks like set­ting the table are a big effort for him, he’s always helping the mis­sion­aries cook and do house­hold chores. He’s so enthu­si­astic about the smallest of details that he has become our teacher helping us learn how much value the tiniest of ges­tures can have, as long as they are done out of love.

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