• November 9, 2010

Charlotte, volunteer in Peru

Charlotte arrived in Lima on September 18, 2010. She joined the Heart’s Home team in Barrios Altos, com­posed by Tim (American), Alejandra, Cecilia (Argentinians), Benjamin (Chilean) and Jessika (Salvadorian).

"My new brothers and sis­ters have been my offi­cial tour guides and teachers. They have given the word “hos­pi­tality” a whole new meaning for me. Not only did they imme­di­ately share their food, bed­rooms, and bath­rooms with me, but they have been by my side every second of every day helping me do every­thing from nav­i­gating the book of prayers to washing my laundry.

However, I must admit that accepting their help has been a bit of a battle with my pride as I like to con­sider myself a fairly inde­pen­dent person. But per­haps that is exactly why I am here, away from my home, away from my country, and away from my lan­guage.

I have been told many times that in order to share love and com­pas­sion with other people, we must first allow our­selves to be loved and cared for. As simple as that sounds, it is a true struggle for me; it is an act of humility that I don’t think I have ever been fully open to. It is admit­ting that I am weak, that I don´t have all the answers, and that I des­per­ately need the pres­ence not only of other people, but more­over the ever-faithful pres­ence of the Holy Spirit.
Here in Lima, I have no other option than to accept this reality. Somehow this acknowl­edge­ment of depen­dence is utterly lib­er­ating."

Charlotte I.

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