• May 12, 2012

Celina A. - Brazil 2012-2013

“God grants you a new gift every day. You just have to be excited to find it.”

- Kathleen L. (Former Heart’s Home vol­un­teer) -

My name is Celina. I am cur­rently a senior at Helias Catholic High School and will be grad­u­ating this Spring of 2012. After grad­u­a­tion, I plan to ful­fill a mis­sion in a Heart’s Home vil­lage out­side of Salvador da Bahia, called Fazenda do Natal (the Christmas Farm) in Brazil. I can hon­estly thank my brother, Jonathan, for intro­ducing me to this won­derful orga­ni­za­tion. He also attended a mis­sion in Brazil in July 2010 for an entire year. With knowing the pas­sion that I have for doing mis­sion work, Jonathan described Heart’s Home as the per­fect fit for me. At first, I just con­vinced myself that I would find time to go on a mis­sion at some point after col­lege. But after vis­iting the col­lege I plan on attending after my mis­sion, I didn’t feel entirely sat­is­fied with my future plans. Almost as if I was being called else­where. God’s plans for me have always been far beyond my com­fort zone, and I knew that’s exactly where I needed to be. After a lot of con­tem­pla­tion and prayer, I real­ized that con­tacting Heart’s Home was a nec­es­sary step. Everything quickly started to come together, and I fell com­pletely in love with wanting to do a mis­sion devoted to com­pas­sion, prayer, and com­mu­nity!

I am extremely thankful for the all the sup­port I will con­tinue to be receiving, so that I am able to embrace such a suc­cessful mis­sion. My expe­ri­ence with God, in Brazil, is going to be abso­lutely incred­ible!

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