• December 20, 2012

Celebrating Thanksgiving: a Seed of Hope

By John Hinrichsen, one of our friends attending this year’s Heart’s Home Thanksgiving Party in Brooklyn.

My wife Flor and I were invited to spend Thanksgiving with Heart’s Home in Brooklyn, and we whole-heart­edly accepted the invi­ta­tion. We were asked to bring along little chairs for our kids so that they could sit at a table pre­pared espe­cially for them. Our daughter Ximena cut open her first Turkey, and found it stuffed with pop­corn—what a mar­velous dis­covery! I had my first Thanksgiving turkey pre­pared by a French sister (who also hap­pens to speak per­fect English with a delight­fully Germanic accent) and can state with cer­tainty that it was the most deli­cious turkey I have ever eaten. But before the feast, we each wrote down on a little leaf-shaped paper what we were thankful for, and then went around the table reading what we had written. All the leaves were col­lected and placed on a thanks­giving “tree.” I remember one of those invited saying that he was thankful for seeing chil­dren there that day.

At one point I saw my son Paul, a few steps from the bottom of the stairs, jump into Erica’s out­stretched arms. Then she climbed up two steps, and said, “Now you catch me!” and jumped—and my two-year-old son caught hold of her as soon as she landed. Not having any other family mem­bers in New York, watching my chil­dren inti­mately relate to the vol­un­teers and per­ma­nent mem­bers of Heart’s Home is the most won­derful gift I could receive. It is a seed of hope planted in my own heart.

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