• November 6, 2008

Celebrating Christmas as a family

Wednesday, December 24: Meeting at the Metropolitan Museum at 2pm to med­i­tate on the Mystery of Christmas in Art.
You are wel­come to come and join us after­wards for the Christmas Eve Mass in Brooklyn.

Thursday, December 25: Welcoming the Poorest among the poor
Mass at 12.30 in the Basement at 108 St Edwards Street, Brooklyn
Followed by a meal shared together with the parish­ioners
3.00 -6.00pm: Visits in the Care Center and Nursing Home
6.30-7.30pm: School of Community on the Text of Father Thierry de Roucy: Christmas or the Wonder of the Ordinary
Festive Dinner

For more infos please con­tact: srregine heartshomeusa.org

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