• January 29, 2010

Tiffany Poon’s amazing performance for Heart’s Home’s 20th anniversary

Tiffany Poon during the Recital

An eye- and “ear­wit­ness”’ account of Tiffany Poon’s stun­ning piano recital to cel­e­brate Heart’s Home’s 20th anniver­sary. When music serves com­pas­sion...

For Heart’s Home mem­bers, friends and many others, January 12 ended in a piano recital at the American Bible Society. Not a very con­ven­tional way to end any Thursday. Neither was it a reg­ular piano recital. This was some­thing extraor­di­nary. Tiffany Poon was to play. She was pro­moting com­pas­sion, of all things, with her music. How strange that may seem:to gather close to two hun­dred people at this place for a con­cert con­cerning piano music and com­pas­sion… But why not cel­e­brate Heart’s Home’s 20th anniver­sary in such a way? To me it is beau­tiful! The beauty of com­pas­sion. The beauty of music. And the beauty of bringing friends together to cel­e­brate.

Tiffany’s grace and talent to sup­port Heart’s Home

Being a former vol­un­teer with Heart’s Home (in Chile, from August 2008 to November 2009), I was asked to help pre­pare the con­cert room. I had heard about the upcoming event even before I arrived back from Chile, but had never expected it to be so amazing! After many months of pro­mo­tion: flyers, phone calls, tickets, and other ded­i­cated orga­ni­za­tion by the mem­bers and interns at Heart’s Home, we had arrived at the big day. As I stepped into the large room at the American Bible Society (near Columbus Circle, on 60th St.) where it was to be held, I was greeted by a cas­cade of notes and scales, del­i­cately and pas­sion­ately ren­dered from a Steinway grand piano at the front of the con­fer­ence room. I should have expected a great and sea­soned player to appear as the notes trailed off, but it was a twelve-year old who strutted up the aisle in her jeans, her pre­teen atti­tude and boredom evi­dent, as if she was just fin­ishing her daily middle school music prac­tice. I was astounded by Tiffany’s grace and talent, from what appeared to be just a flurry of exer­cises and hands idly playing with the keys.

Instead, Tiffany turned it into a mag­nif­i­cent sound! But, she doesn’t study music in any ordi­nary twelve year old’s class. Tiffany has been a stu­dent at the pres­ti­gious Julliard School, since she was 8 years old. Tiffany is orig­i­nally from Hong Kong, but has trav­eled widely already, for var­ious con­certs and events where she has per­formed. She has won numerous awards including the Salon de Virtuosi (she is the youngest recip­ient in the past 21 years!), and this is not hard to under­stand.

A heart-warming and enjoy­able way to ben­efit

Tiffany played incred­ibly-com­posers such as Haydn, Mozart, Chopin and Beethoven. And the almost two hour per­for­mance flew by. The lis­teners were thor­oughly impressed and gave Tiffany sev­eral standing ova­tions, elic­iting a lovely encore. The room was nearly full, with many familiar faces and others new to me. The French com­mu­nity of New York was well rep­re­sented, as Heart’s Home is orig­i­nally from France. But I also was glad to see a mix­ture of Americans and other nation­al­i­ties there to ben­efit this cause. As always, Heart’s Home brought together people from all social, eco­nomic and cul­tural back­grounds; in this case, to cel­e­brate com­pas­sion through this beau­tiful art form, piano. For some, it was a first and impres­sive encounter with the Heart’s Home orga­ni­za­tion. But for those who were already friends, I think it was a heart-warming and enjoy­able way to ben­efit its ongoing work of com­pas­sion. For me it was an affir­ma­tion of the blessing of such a dynamic move­ment striving not only for hope for the most wounded of the world, but that beauty may be revealed and cel­e­brated hand in hand with this work of com­pas­sion.

Thank you to all those who orga­nized, sup­ported and attended this event. May it be the begin­ning of many to come.

Hannah S.
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The American Bible Society Concert Hall, nearly full, with almost 200 people listening to Tiffany’s performance

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