• February 28, 2010

Highlight of Maria’s return from Honduras

Maria on the time of her farewell, with all the Community and the Servants - El Salvador, October 2009

Maria V., a former Heart’s Home vol­un­teer, came back to the United States in October 2009, fol­lowing her 12-month mis­sion in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. She gave an inter­view to The Arlington Catholic Herald who pub­lished a one-page story in January 2010 about her mis­sion. Her tes­ti­mony was also recorded in four short movies avail­able on-line.

The fol­lowing are excerpts from an article enti­tled “A Ministry of Friendship” by Katie Bahr, printed in the January 2010 issue of the Arlington Catholic Herald.

"Some kids want to be doc­tors or nurses when they grow up. Others might aspire to be teachers or vet­eri­nar­ians. Then there are people like Maria Verry.

“When I was little, I wanted to be Mother Teresa when I grew up,” she said. [...]

She left in October 2008 and spent the next year working at the Heart’s Home mis­sionary house in Trinidad, a vil­lage in the capitol Honduras. She spent her days serving as a com­panion and friend to the poor, lonely and dis­tressed. [...]

“There’s the joy of really feeling like, even though it’s hard, I’m right where I’m sup­posed to be,” she said. “There were moments of frus­tra­tion because we were doing some­thing so chal­lenging, but I always felt a kind of peace like, this is okay because it’s where God is calling me to be.”[...]

“When you’re living over­seas, with the poverty that I’ve seen — people living a dozen in a tiny room that resem­bles a garage with a water faucet and that’s it, really rough con­di­tions — there’s this thing like, the stuff doesn’t matter, the people matter and it’s all in God’s hands,” she said. “Coming home, I’ve kind of kept with that. It’ll all work out, it’s all in God’s hands, and he’s not going to drop me now.”

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