• December 18, 2017

Brooklyn: You Kept Your Word!

Sr Katie shares with us some of the quiet mir­a­cles of her visits to a women’s home­less shelter in down­town Brooklyn:

“You kept your word!” Her joyful excla­ma­tion sur­prised me. I, who have become so accus­tomed to my friends keeping their word that I take it for granted, have lost the sense of what it truly means to keep one’s word to a friend. I had said that I would bring a cer­tain movie (the tv series The Flying Nun to be exact!) and that was many weeks ago. When I actu­ally showed up to the shelter with it, they were all so happy. It was “nothing really”, yet my friend is teaching me with her simple joy the impor­tance of being a faithful friend. Idle words and promises are out of place here. “Do or do not do – there is no try.”

So we sat and watched The Flying Nun – for an hour and a half! We laughed, we had coffee and pie, we spent care­free time­less­ness together. And behold, it was very good. This is also the stuff that friend­ships are made of and I will not “de­spise the day of small things”, for I am blessed to see the face of God.

And this place that is so dif­fi­cult, so full of sorrow, is also a place of mir­a­cles. Almost a year ago, I invited Sophia, a woman from our parish, to come with me to visit the women in the shelter. Just once, just to try. The rest, as they say, is his­tory. Through the mys­tery of friend­ship, in all these “days of small things”, everyone was able to see the face of God - Sophia ended up being received into the Catholic Church at Easter. The Lord works in mys­te­rious ways His won­ders to per­form!

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