• July 25, 2017

Brooklyn: Discovering Simplicity of the Heart

We have been blessed to have Lea, who while vis­iting from France, joined us in mis­sion these past few months here in Brooklyn. As she heads home, she shares with us a few high­lights of her time here:

It has been 5 months now since I have been vol­un­teering with Heart’s Home in Brooklyn. Every week I visit friends with Cecile, both in Heart’s Home’s neigh­bor­hood or in a nursing home. I also visit a women’s shelter with Sister Katie. These two moments in the week are impor­tant to me, since I’m learning about true com­pas­sion, sim­plicity of the heart and the free gift of myself in friend­ship.

We come with empty hands to people who would need so many things. But just by our pres­ence, our words, our smiles we make them hap­pier. Our visits would not bear fruit if we did not see Jesus in everyone that we meet. For me, Heart’s Home means we that we follow Jesus by loving those people who are weakest, by suf­fering with those most vul­ner­able. Some days are tougher than others and some­times I don’t feel up to it; I feel tired, sad about my help­less­ness in front of such deep suf­fering. Though I could be frus­trated about the lan­guage bar­rier that often keeps me away from expressing what I feel, I am driven by my hope and helped by the Holy Spirit. To be faced with people who don’t hide their vul­ner­a­bility and suf­fering, you have to be simple and true. I am ful­filled when I visit them because they help me focus on the most impor­tant thing: the love for one’s fellow man and it pushes me to be humble.

As my time in the United States is drawing to a close, I am very grateful to have shared this expe­ri­ence with this com­mu­nity that radi­ates so much love to everyone around them. The Lord has allowed me beau­tiful encoun­ters, I will never forget all these faces and I carry them all with me in my prayer.

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