• September 15, 2010

Brooke B., Argentina 2008-2009

Glam Media Assistant
From Phoenix, AZ

God and the internet was how I first came across Heart’s Home. From the moment I found their site, I knew imme­di­ately that I didn’t just want to become an ambas­sador, but that I must become a com­pas­sion ambas­sador.

I was so naive when I first arrived at the slum iron­i­cally titled, Villa Jardin. I thought that I would come to these people and bring them love and com­pas­sion, but I quickly learned that it was I who would learn what these words meant and how to live them out on a daily basis, by the very people I came to serve. One example was Sergio. He was a home­less drunk and an out­cast of the entire Villa. One day in passing by, he called me and another mis­sionary over to his “home”, really just a pile of trash. He was with four other friends and they were vig­i­lantly watching meat that was cooking on a makeshift fire. Sergio asked us to sit and we lis­tened to him talk about his life. Once the meat was fin­ished, he knelt down besides me and said "Friends, I don’t have much to share, but this little meal. Please, eat with us!" In all hon­esty, I couldn’t bring myself to eat their food. Fear ran through me thinking of all the dis­eases I could catch...what if this was dog? And I politely declined. He smiled and he put his hand on my knee and he said, “Brooke, you have eaten at the table of plenty of rich men. Please, eat at this poor man’s table.” These words have never left me. I pray that I am always as ready to eat at the poor man’s table as I am a rich man’s. This is com­pas­sion. This is what Heart’s Home brings to our world.

Currently I work as an assis­tant for a social media plat­form com­pany in San Francisco. It is quite oppo­site from the aus­tere life that I was living in the slums. However, people in the city and in my work are hungry for com­pas­sion and meaning. Through simple ways of actu­ally lis­tening to them while they talk, or smiling or remem­bering their name, I am able to find joy in living out each moment the life of love through com­pas­sion.

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