• December 3, 2013

Brittany K. - Ecuador, 2014-2015

Don’t be fooled by my lack of a country accent, I grew up in the rolling hills of Tennessee. I am a lover of nature, dance, the­ology, adven­ture, and learning. I grad­u­ated with an International Studies degree focused specif­i­cally in Latin America, with a minor in Spanish, hoping to uti­lize my higher edu­ca­tion for spreading Christ’s love among the nations one day. You can imagine how excited I am to now be headed to Ecuador with Heart’s Home to do just that.

Between grad­u­ating col­lege and pre­sent day I worked as an in-home family coun­selor and then as a Spanish rep­re­sen­ta­tive for a mort­gage com­pany. I enjoyed both jobs, but was reminded that what my heart truly desires is to put all my efforts into inten­tion­ally engaging with people spir­i­tu­ally. Through my pre­vious ser­vice trips to Mexico the stir­ring to ded­i­cate some of my life to for­eign mis­sions grew and never went away. A priest once advised me: “Pay atten­tion to the con­stant move­ment of God in your life, and then you will know what direc­tion to move in.” This move­ment to serve full-time as a mis­sionary has been con­stant so… I am moving in it.

I hope that you will join me in the journey that lies ahead and let me know how the Lord is moving you in your life as well.

“If you are what you should be, you will set the world on fire”
-St. Catherine of Siena-

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