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Peter, Argentina - 2011

Become a Volunteer

These are the basic chrono­log­ical steps that a mis­sionary will take to become a vol­un­teer with Heart’s Home:

1. Make ini­tial con­tact with the Director of Missionary Program: Contact Natalia

2. After a brief phone inter­view, you may down­load the Application Form and mail a com­pleted copy to

Heart’s Home USA,
Recruitment Department
26 Olive Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211.

3. Register for a “Come and See” weekend held at the Heart’s Home in Brooklyn.

4. In two weeks time you will be ask if you wish to commit to a mis­sion or not.

5. Upon com­mit­ment your country of mis­sion is assigned in two to four weeks time.

6. Once you have received your country of mis­sion you may begin fundraising , learning the lan­guage and applying for your visa.

7. A two-week Orientation Program held at the Heart’s Home in Brooklyn will be sched­uled prior to your depar­ture for mis­sion.

8. A sending forth mass, at which you will be com­mis­sioned as a Heart’s Home mis­sionary, is to be orga­nized before leaving for mis­sion.

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