• November 7, 2007

Become a Friend of Heart’s Home

Friends of Heart’s Home are first and fore­most... friends! Thus, they con­sti­tute a sup­primer thus a global net­work based on the con­vic­tion that Compassion is a much needed feeling in our world.

Becoming a Friend of Heart’s Home is a con­crete way of sup­porting our Mission. It is also a way to remain close to the many oppor­tu­ni­ties that Heart’s Home offers (cul­tural events, sem­i­nars & retreats at the ICCC, arti­cles written by Rev. Thierry de Roucy and let­ters from our Missionaries around the world...)

We believe that Heart’s Home has some­thing valu­able to offer you. We need help according to your gifts, desires, and avail­abil­i­ties. Your sup­port helps us to con­tinue to be a pres­ence of con­so­la­tion and com­pas­sion to the suf­fering.

Know more about becoming a Friend of Heart’s Home :

We look forward to counting you
among the Friends of Heart’s Home!

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