• January 13, 2012

Decorating Cookies vs Trying to Get Rich?

By Sister Regine Fohrer
On December 22nd a true “cookies work­shop” took place in our Brooklyn Center. The craftswomen? Read on to find out!

Every hol­iday has its own unique food that goes with the fes­tive occa­sion. Cookies can be said to be the prin­cipal food of Christmas! In order to respect this tra­di­tion, as old as the medieval time, Marian and I had planned an after­noon of intense baking and dec­o­rating of cookies! We invited some of our friends whom we visit once a week at the Tillary Shelter. On the planned day, Pat, Becky, Mirlande and Joanna came, right on time (already a mir­acle) ready for the expe­ri­ence! Two other friends from the neigh­bor­hood, Felicia and Divina, joined us as well.
At the begin­ning none of them was very com­fort­able with the sit­u­a­tion and I could see them very hesi­tant with the cookie cut­ters and sprin­kles. But slowly each one of them became more and more involved in the pro­cess; and some of them started to create their own shapes and even asked for extra ingre­di­ents for dec­o­rating. It was beau­tiful to wit­ness how, grad­u­ally, they seemed to forget about their prob­lems and were able to enjoy the pre­sent moment! How they were able to share and to respect each other’s work and space! How they were rejoicing in their works of art, beaming with pride and delighting in tasting their work! One of them, all of a sudden, made an amazing state­ment: “You know what, this is much better than watching TV and trying to get rich!”

Once we had com­pleted the dec­o­rating, we took a time of prayer together in thanks­giving for Christmas, and we offered each one of them a small pre­sent! I was so moved to see the joy and amaze­ment on some of their faces when we gave them the gift! I had never real­ized the value of offering a gift. It is not linked to the object itself and its prize but to the fact that receiving a pre­sent tells you again “I am loved! I am worth receiving a gift!”

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