• October 26, 2009

“Back to the School of love” - Renée’s news from India

A glimpse on the street in Chengalpet, India, 2009

Extracts from Renée K.’s Journal, one month after her arrival in India as a vol­un­teer with Heart’s Home.

It is from here that I write; Thursday, our day of rest. I soon dis­cover the reality of this life…many little dis­cov­eries that are sat­u­rating my senses. There is no slow tran­sis­tion into India. I meet Chengalpet, the town where I live, via a bright blue auto rick­shaw with a relent­less horn and coura­geous driver trav­eling ever so close to the others sharing the road. It is here that my per­cep­tion of life and love and God is being trans­formed. Discovering day by day, hour by hour, moment by moment the expanse­ful­ness of Time…a gift in which I am given to live. Drifting away from my per­spec­tive of man-made time and stiving to live in the Eternal Now. And that is the struggle…and my call: to be.

As I shift my view, learning every­thing all over again…how to speak, dress, bathe, sleep…learning the swervy, dusty roads of the crowed and col­orful vil­lage…stum­bling over new ter­rain…I sit in wonder before our friends who are my mas­ters of being. The old, the young, the babies, the teenagers, some muslim, some hindu, all wel­coming us into their homes as their own daugh­ters and sis­ters. As a silent onlooker, absorbing the chil­dren’s smiles, studying wrin­kles of age upon the age­less grand­mothers, feeling the pain of the young wife who is beaten daily by her hus­band. Becoming a part of the his­tory and pres­ence of faithful Heart’s Home friends; dis­cov­ering old friends and encoun­tering new…all of whom God brings to us.

Sampatappa is one such old friend; wisdom and grace seep from this Brahmin Hindu’s deep blue eyes...

Renée K., October 8, 2009, Heart’s Home in India

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