• January 21, 2014

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Resting in Silence, Prayer and Frienship

By Benoit Chavanne, Volunteer in Chile

“This month our com­mu­nity in Valparaiso dis­cov­ered how much, in order to give our­selves better to the people we serve –the kids, the fam­i­lies, the elderly who con­stantly require our atten­tion and energy - we need to go back to the source: to a deep inti­mate rela­tion­ship with God.

Our three-day retreat in silence in a Carmelite con­vent was what our bodies and souls needed so as to better under­stand the essence of our mis­sion. Our vis­itor, Father Denis, intro­duced us to some texts from Pope Francis which shed light in what evan­ge­liza­tion really means. Thus, we were sur­prised to dis­cover that to evan­ge­lize does not depend so much on our deeds but on the wit­ness given by our very being. The more we spend time with the Lord in prayer, the more our inner being is trans­formed by faith. Faith gives us a pro­found joy which radi­ates around us and makes others wonder: ‘Why are these people so joyful?’ ‘What is their secret?’ How great was our delight to realize that the Carmelite sis­ters who wel­comed us and whom we had the blessing of spending some time with, were the very incar­na­tion of the Pope’s affir­ma­tion! Every single one of them beamed with a radiant smile. These women who are far from everyone, clois­tered, living ordi­nary daily lives …What is their secret?”

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