• December 4, 2014

Bach, Consolation and Friendship

by Cecile Fourmeaux, per­ma­nent member in Brooklyn

“On Sunday, November 23, I had the great joy of singing two major pieces of J.S Bach (Magnificat and Cantata 140) together with my fellow singers of the St. George’s Choral Society, in Manhattan.

Music lifts up the soul, music brings con­so­la­tion to our suf­fer­ings, music awakens our longing for eter­nity. All of this I have known of and expe­ri­enced so many times as a lis­tener. But how dif­ferent it is to par­tic­i­pate myself in per­forming the music (and such a pow­erful one!) Somehow, my expe­ri­ence was that of a “vis­i­ta­tion.” My poor pres­ence – really poor com­pared to all the amazing voices of my choir’s fel­lowmen – felt ful­filled, com­pleted, and vis­ited by the pres­ence of the other singers, by that of our director, and ulti­mately by that of God.

Maybe the lyrics of the Magnificat and of the Cantata (calling up the soul to awake for the arrival of Jesus the Bridegroom) res­onated in a spe­cial way in my heart because of being a Catholic. Nonetheless, I was extremely impressed and moved by all the others who gave them­selves so fully. They seemed to be rec­og­nizing a beauty that is greater than them – given to them – and that they want to serve with their whole being.

The mir­acle of friend­ship, which we so dearly seek to serve at Heart’s Home, is becoming a reality with some of these fellow singers. And this comes simply because we reveal one another, we give and receive much of each other through three months of hard work and a common per­for­mance. Blessed be the Lord!”

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