• May 29, 2008

Art with Passion & Compassion

On April 2008, we had the joy to gather our friends and bene­fac­tors around some pieces of “Art with Passion and Compassion”, during two events, at the Argentinean and at the French Consulate in New York. It all started when artists from Argentine were moved by the Mission of Heart’s Home and decided to donate one or sev­eral of their works to sup­port us. They were touched by our love for art, by our belief that beauty is a way to quench the thirst of the human heart for infinity… and we became friends.

A small com­mittee of ded­i­cated people in New York worked very hard to orga­nize the pre­view cock­tail at the Argentinean Consulate and the “leaders for Compassion” gala dinner at the French Consulate, where these pieces were sold for the ben­efit of Heart’s Home.

We are very grateful for the gen­erosity of the artists, of the ben­efit com­mittee, and of all you, our friends and bene­fac­tors who took part in both events. Your friend­ship and gen­erosity encour­ages us to con­tinue and deepen our Mission.

I must say that the faces I saw during both events, your faces, remind me of the faces of our Missionaries. It reminds me of the love, the smiles and the joy that they give to street chil­dren, orphans, and sick people. And I think about all the “thank you” that our Missionaries receive every day from the people they serve.

I want to pass you on this “thank you” on to you who “help us help”. Thank you, for what­ever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did it for Me (Mt 25:40).

Fr. Gonzague Leroux

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