• November 27, 2008

Art Discussion

Oswaldo Guayasamín

This article deals with 2008-2009 Art dis­cus­sions.
In 2009-2010, there are now other encoun­ters, very close to these ones : Cornerstone Discussion Group

Pursuing the work ini­ti­ated by Fr. Gonzague Leroux, Deacon Paul Anel con­tinues making con­tacts among artists.
He has been attending studio open­ings in Chelsea, Dumbo, the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and Harlem. It enabled him to meet very sen­si­tive and pas­sionate people. Many of them are deeply inter­ested in the Heart’s Home mis­sion, and spe­cially in its pro­mo­tion of Art, as a teacher of Compassion. For, in a world suf­fo­cated by a onesided focus on money and effi­ciency, to ded­i­cate one­self to beauty has become a ser­vice to humanity.

Consult our Calendar and join us once a month for an Art Discussion !

The first encounter gath­ered about 15 painters and musi­cians to share on Dostoïevski’s famous state­ment that “Beauty will save the world”.
All artists and beauty-lovers are wel­come to reg­ister online ! You will receive an email from Deacon Paul to inform you on the topic and the loca­tion of the next encounter.

We are looking for­ward to seeing you all and to share our expe­ri­ences and great insights !
Bring a bottle or some­thing to share!

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