• February 6, 2009

Art Discussion _ February 5th

Pursuing the work ini­ti­ated by Gonzague,
Paul Anel is mainly busy making con­tacts among artists.
He has been attending opening stu­dios in Chelsea, Dumbo, the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and Harlem.
It enabled him to meet very sen­si­tive and pas­sionate people.
Many of them are deeply inter­ested in our mis­sion,
and spe­cially in the rela­tion­ship we make between art and com­pas­sion,
for in a world suf­fo­cated by a onesided focus on money and effi­ciency,
to ded­i­cate one­self to beauty has become a ser­vice to humanity.

Come & join us once a month for
an Art Discussion
each 1st Thursday from 7.30 to 9 pm

The first encounter gathered about 15 painters and musicians
to share on Dostoïevski’s famous statement that “Beauty will save the world”.
All artists and beauty-lovers are welcome to register online !
You will receive an email from Paul to know the topic and the location of the next encounter.

We are looking forward to seeing you all and to share our experiences and great insights !
Bring a bottle or something to share!
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Oswaldo Guayasamín

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