• March 15, 2012

Armando G., Chile 2012 -2013

Describing myself has always been a chal­lenge mainly because there is not much to describe. Although I can’t describe myself, I can speak vol­umes of what God has done (and con­tinues to do) through me. He has def­i­nitely led me through amazing expe­ri­ences in the past 23 years. I have the honor to serve our chil­dren and youth in my com­mu­nity and love every minute of it. It is dif­fi­cult to take credit for such amazing works for I am nothing, but God made it so I was not made for nothing. He took the little that is I, and is shaping me into this person I thought I would never become, and it all comes from fol­lowing His call. He has led me here, to Hearts Home and this is a calling I simply cannot ignore. For along this road I have encoun­tered new friends with tremen­dous amount of love. It is also a reminder of the love I have long known from my friends and family. It is beyond amazing that I can’t keep it to myself, it has to be shared. God has blessed me with the won­derful oppor­tu­nity to share it in Chile this summer. God has given me all that I need to give myself com­pletely. I’m excited to be able to serve new friends and form new fam­i­lies as I leave from my com­mu­nity, but never far from their love and sup­port. A wise man once told me, “Jesus hands were nailed to the cross, so let us use ours to serve others. His feet were nailed too, so let us use ours to walk the right path.” The path has led me to love and thanks to Heart’s Home, it is now leading me to Chile.

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