Heart's Home USA
Heart’s Home USA
Compassion Award
- Good Samaritan -
by Paul Crochat

Gala Dinner

Every year, we orga­nize a gala dinner in the Upper East Side of New York City to raise the funds that we need to sup­port our var­ious pro­grams:

  • the Heart’s Home in Brooklyn
  • the ICCC
  • the Heart’s Home in Chile
  • the American volunteer program

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The gala dinner com­bines a sense of beauty and warmth in a very spe­cial way. We take this oppor­tu­nity to share our love for the poorest, our joy in serving them and our spirit of com­pas­sion and gen­uine love. Special care is given to every detail in order to make each one of our guests a guest of honor, as we wish to treat every person that we serve and love as unique.

The night includes:

  • cocktails and music
  • a 3-course dinner prepared by a chef
  • a silent auction
  • a live auction
  • the Compassion Award Ceremony

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