• April 9, 2018

Anna H. from Idaho

Hello! My name is Anna and I’m 19 years old. I was born and raised in Boise, Idaho. Having been home­schooled along with my five other sib­lings, there was never a dull moment. I would not trade it for any­thing. These last few years, God has given me so many incred­ible oppor­tu­ni­ties and people who have taught me about living life with pas­sion and seeking God in every moment.

One such oppor­tu­nity came last July when my vol­ley­ball team decided to take a mis­sion trip to Haiti and coach some vol­ley­ball camps in var­ious vil­lages and orphan­ages. While I thor­oughly enjoyed spending time playing sports with the chil­dren, I found myself falling deeper in love with the entire cul­ture through the hearts of each person I met. After that trip, God made it clear that it was time to act on my life­long dream of doing inter­na­tional mis­sion work.

I will leave in September on a mis­sion trip with Heart’s Home! I am taking in every moment of this journey on which God is bringing me. What drew me the most to doing a mis­sion trip with Heart’s Home was the aspect of being God’s pres­ence to people through deep and mean­ingful rela­tion­ships. There are far too many indi­vid­uals who live their lives feeling unloved and for­gotten. I know God has called me to be His pres­ence and com­pan­ion­ship to those in need in this par­tic­ular way, but I need others to come alongside me. God calls each of us to shine His life and love to others. With your help and sup­port through prayer and finan­cial con­tri­bu­tions, I hope to see God’s love actively change lives one heart at a time.
Thank you so much for your sup­port!

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