• January 14, 2011

“The mission is only a starting point...”
Testimony of a former volunteer

Amy during her orientation program in the Bronx, 2007.

I found Heart’s Home in March of 2007. After meeting the vol­un­teers in New York I was sure I had a calling to go on a mis­sion with them. I I was sent to Honduras that October for a 14 month mis­sion. There, I learned count­less lessons about love. I was shown the beauty of sim­plicity and the thirst for friend­ship. Children would reg­u­larly come to our gate asking for a glass of water from being out in the hot Honduran sun...how­ever, our dear little friends thirst for so much more than water.

One of the price­less trea­sures of Heart’s Home is that the mis­sion is a way of life. It is a way of life that is not divided. Every moment has value because it is a gift from God. Often, we are so pre­oc­cu­pied with being pro­duc­tive we forget that love is more impor­tant than fixing prob­lems or having all the answers. I have been home in the U.S. now for two years. I do not encounter daily the extreme poverty that I encoun­tered in Honduras, but I do encounter the same thirst. Everyone is lonely, everyone is searching for meaning, searching for Truth.

I teach Kindergarten now and it reminds me of Father Thierry telling us that we all need to return to the Kindergarten of love. I see in my little ones a ques­tioning and a sim­plicity of faith. I still wear my Heart’s Home rosary and my Kindergartner, Sarah, saw it dan­gling and exclaimed, “I know why there is a heart on your cross- because Jesus loves us.” It’s so simple! It’s so simple yet I forget all the time. I hurry through my day, wor­rying about num­bers and time. Heart’s Home brings me back to the reality in front of me. I must be pre­sent to those around me or risk being a “resounding gong or a clashing cymbal” (1Cor 13:1).

I joined the Fraternity of Saint Maximillian Kolbe in May. By joining, I promised to con­tinue to live out the mis­sion of Heart’s Home in my daily life. To me, this means, searching out for those who are suf­fering in unex­pected places- maybe a deep lone­li­ness, maybe con­fu­sion, maybe a wound that has never been healed. I don’t need to go any­where spe­cial- I just need to accept who God brings to my life. Heart’s Home is pos­sible because I do not need a degree or a spe­cial cer­ti­fi­ca­tion to solve the prob­lems I encounter, I just need to be open to the Spirit to lead me to those who truly need a pres­ence. I just need to let our Mother Mary teach me how to live a quiet life and say yes to God’s plan so that He can work through my pres­ence and hold His chil­dren in my heart. We all need com­pas­sion. We all need a true friend. This is why the mis­sion of Heart’s Home can be lived every day because every day I can see God’s beloved.
Heart’s Home is a school of realism. You don’t dream about love. You express it in putting your­self on the cross. You write it with your blood and your tired­ness...” (At the Kindergarten of Love).

Amy K.

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