• May 16, 2012

“We are All Ambassadors”

Fr. Thierry de Roucy, Heart’s Home Founder, addressed the fol­lowing words to our sup­porters attending our Annual Gala on May 3. As you are also sup­porting our mis­sion, in one way or another, these words are also addressed to you:

"We are all ambas­sadors.
We can be ambas­sadors of a country, or a family, a com­pany, a polit­ical party, a non-profit, or even of a soccer-team !
Each one of us stands for, and rep­re­sents, many other people.

There are groups we did not choose to belong to. And yet, we have to come to terms with this respon­si­bility.

But there are also groups that we freely chose to belong to.

Therefore, we should ask our­selves three ques­tions:
• who do I want to stand for ?
• what do I want to stand for ?
• what kind of ambas­sador do I want to be ?

As far as I am con­cerned, tonight, I stand for all those who decided to become wit­nesses of the dig­nity and beauty of each human being.

I stand for those who believe that the pri­mary human need is the need to love, and to be loved.

I stand for those who want to be a balm on their neigh­bors’ wounds. It is a very coura­geous and demanding mis­sion!

Despite the opening of new houses, despite the growing number of vol­un­teers, each year I cannot help crying: “We need more!”

We need more love. More ten­der­ness. More gen­erosity.

We need more, because there is always more poverty, lone­li­ness and despair. Like a tsunami, they over­whelm our cities!

Tonight, I rep­re­sent all those who take part in our mis­sion.

On their behalf, I am happy to pre­sent you some of the beau­tiful fruits of our mis­sion.

On their behalf, I also want to thank each one of you.

Thank you for making it pos­sible for them to be who they are.

Thank you for allowing so many suf­fering and lonely people to receive their visits, and to become their friends.
Your gen­erosity makes their com­pas­sion pos­sible.

Thank you for being here, with us, tonight.
Thank you for your friend­ship, which I am glad to say, goes far beyond this night."

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