• June 15, 2010

Amy’s commitment into the Fraternity of Saint Maximilian Kolbe

Amy in Honduras, 2008

During the alumni weekend Amy K. made a com­mit­ment into the Saint Maximilian Kolbe Fraternity, and became the first American to join this Heart’s Home Fraternity!

My first encounter with Heart’s Home began after I grad­u­ated from Gonzaga University. I had been inspired to serve and was imme­di­ately drawn to the sim­plicity of Heart’s Home, all we were required to do is love. I was sent on my mis­sion to Honduras where I learned count­less lessons from my neigh­bors, com­mu­nity and, espe­cially, the chil­dren. I was told that Heart’s Home is like the Kindergarten of love; we have become very intel­li­gent in many areas in our cul­ture, but somehow we have missed the most basic lessons of love. I am very thankful for the calling to go on mis­sion with Heart’s Home and am so grateful to have known all the people that I now hold in my heart from Honduras.

I have been home in Washington State for a year and a half now. Upon returning I knew that the charism of Heart’s Home, which is com­pas­sion, is what I want to con­tinue living in my daily life. I aspire to have the same look that I strived for in Honduras, of viewing each person I meet as an oppor­tu­nity to love. The Fraternity of Saint Maximilian Kolbe is for lay people who have a close friend­ship with Heart’s Home. Through my com­mit­ment I promise to say the rosary daily, serve some­where in my town as an apos­to­late, and sup­port Heart’s Home in any ways that I am able. We strive to follow our patron, St. Maximilan Kolbe, who loved to the very end and actu­ally gave up his life for another in Auschwitz.

I was very moved during my com­mit­ment to be reminded of the Heart’s Home family that I have here in New York and around the world. Because Heart’s Home USA is still growing, I will be the first American to join the fra­ter­nity. I do not know exactly what being the first and only American in the Fraternity will mean for my life, but I know I must answer yes to this next step. "He took my hand and I let Him lead me." I have been con­tem­plating this sen­tence recently and this is my hope. I know that I am being led some­where and I trust in your prayers to help me follow through. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this Fraternity and I look for­ward to being united with you all through the mis­sion.

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