• June 9, 2010

Alumni Weekend 2010

Heart’s Home USA held an Alumni Weekend over Memorial Day Weekend 2010. Five former Volunteers were able to share their expe­ri­ences in dif­ferent coun­tries (Peru, Honduras, Chile and Rumania). It was first a time of thanks­giving for God’s gifts and Presence throughout the time of mis­sion and a time of reflec­tion on how to live Compassion here and now in the States.

This year we chose to look at St Maximilian Kolbe, Martyr of Charity and Apostle of the Immaculate. On Sunday we wel­comed Amy Koreski into the Fraternity St Maximilian Kolbe. This Fraternity for lay people is made up of all those who truly aspire to live the Heart’s Home charism in their daily life.

" It was a grace to be able to share the weekend with Landon, my fiancé. We dated throughout my mis­sion, and although I wrote him let­ters while I was in Honduras and tried my best to explain the mis­sion to him, I know that having an oppor­tu­nity to hear from the other alums about their expe­ri­ences helped him to under­stand why my mis­sion had meant so much to me and caused so many changes in my heart.

Something even more crys­tal­lized in my heart is the role that Heart’s Home will forever play in my life. After leaving my mis­sion in Honduras, Christ has changed me and clearly laid out a plan for my life which was rede­fined over the weekend. My call to a life of Compassion didn’t end when I left Latin America, but began. Now that I have returned, I am called again to love in a new, exciting way. Talking about this at the alumni weekend recharged me and I feel renewed, reminded that my Heart’s Home family is with me. " Maria

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