• July 8, 2016

Alumni Reunion: Following the Star,
the Road Goes Ever On!

by Lisa Mendez

The “Follow the Star” alumni weekend was very eye opening for me! I almost did not attend because of travel plans, but since I had missed the last three I thought I had to go at least once. I have been back from my mis­sion for three years now. Last summer I felt I had put that part of my life behind me and that I know needed to figure out what life here in the US is all about. As the alumni weekend unfolded, I thought I would be saying hello and goodbye to old and new friends, but as the Lord would have it he brought me there to find another reality.

My life as a Heart’s Home vol­un­teer is never over! The beau­tiful “star” which, was Jesus’ calling me to learn and live com­pas­sion, lead me to find Heart’s Home back in 2011 was like the “star” the wise men fol­lowed when looking for Jesus. Just like the wise men as they left Jesus in the stable I now also know that “Star” will forever be a part of me. Just like the Wise men left happy full of love and joy at the reality that their king and savior was born and part of them forever, I also have now real­ized this! I did not go back to say goodbye and end my time with Heart’s Home, but to catch a glimpse and have that flame that burned bright at one time during my mis­sion be set ablaze! I know now that Heart’s home is in my heart and will con­tinue to call me to spread com­pas­sion wherever I go! It was a beau­tiful real­iza­tion that my mis­sion in Manila The Philippines was a school that taught me about com­pas­sion and love for my life now. No matter where I am or work I get to live this com­pas­sion in another set­ting with humanity. What a beau­tiful weekend I lived!

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