• October 22, 2013

Alexandra Fricker, Volunteer

Alexandra comes from France and is 26 years old. She met Heart’s Home for the first time in Italy 4 years ago, while she was doing an intern­ship in an arche­o­log­ical museum as part of her Art History course. After a 3 month-mis­sion in the Heart’s Home Center in Naples, and wishing to con­tinue to grow closer to God and to others, she spent two years in the Heart’s Home Center in Villejuif, Paris. After this expe­ri­ence shared with other 3 stu­dents and young pro­fes­sionals in a housing pro­ject in the sub­urbs of Paris, Alexandra fin­ished her studies with an intern­ship of 5 months as a French teacher in Rome. She is now happy to start this great expe­ri­ence of an American mis­sion in the HQ in Brooklyn.

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