• November 6, 2008

Advent Time Meditations

"Christmas is an event of light, it is the feast of light: in the Child of Bethlehem the pri­mor­dial light once more shines in humanity’s heaven and dis­si­pates the clouds of sin. The radi­ance of God’s defini­tive tri­umph appears on the horizon of his­tory in order to offer a new future of hope to a pil­grim people."
John-Paul II, Homily, December 24, 2001

The Time of Advent is a time of expec­ta­tion, of prepa­ra­tion, of longing. It is also the time to awaken our desire for a Savior, our desire for Happiness, Truth, Beauty. You can come and join us on Tuesday evening for brief med­i­ta­tions on the Mystery we are get­ting ready to cel­e­brate on Christmas eve.


  • Tuesday, December 2: “Isaiah, Rothko and us: longing for beauty”
  • Tuesday, December 9: “Mary Magdalen, Etty Hillesum and us: longing for good”
  • Tuesday, December 16: “Saint Paul, Soljenitsyne and us: longing for truth”

Where: Heart’s Home USA, Brooklyn
Time: 7.30pm
Food will be pro­vided.

For more infos please con­tact: srregine heartshomeusa.org

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