• April 9, 2013

Aaron P. - Buenos Aires, Argentina 2013-2014

“I have loved thee with everlasting love, therefore have I drawn thee, taking pity on thee.” (Jer. 31:3, Douay-Rheims)

I grew up in Fairfax, Virginia with two won­derful par­ents and three amazing brothers. During col­lege I studied archi­tec­ture at The Catholic University of America and worked in the archi­tec­tural and con­struc­tion industry in Washington, DC. My journey to know and love Christ led me to join the Catholic Church on Easter of 2012 after almost four years of study, con­ver­sa­tion, and prayer. However as I con­tinued to pursue my career after col­lege I strug­gled to find ade­quate time and space to simply express the joy of knowing Christ in the midst of a hectic work week and fast paced urban lifestyle. As much as I enjoyed work, cher­ished my friend­ships, and found great joy in my faith there remained a longing in my heart for some­thing more.

Stretched and weary, but trusting in God’s pur­poses for my life, I started searching for vol­un­teer work with Catholic char­i­ties. I desired to find some spir­i­tual respite and a way to more directly and simply serve Christ and his Church in the world. After some research and inquiry I dis­cov­ered Heart’s Home and was imme­di­ately gripped by the beauty and sim­plicity of their mis­sion of com­pas­sion towards the socially iso­lated and neglected of our world. I knew I had to pursue this oppor­tu­nity. My January visit to Heart’s Home in Brooklyn, NY con­firmed my desire from God to serve as a lay mis­sionary. Heart’s Home seemed like a per­fect ful­fill­ment of many prayers and heart­felt desires.

“The love of Christ impels us,” writes St. Paul, “…so that those who live might no longer live for them­selves but for him who for their sake died and was raised.” (2 Cor. 5:14, NAB). Christ’s love shown in his death and Resurrection enkindles my desire to serve the poor and neglected of the earth. All my life Christ has relent­lessly drawn me to him­self with the fire of his divine love and the con­so­la­tion of his grace. He sought me in my spir­i­tual poverty to raise me up to the immea­sur­able riches of his divine love and grace. Often I’ve responded with indif­fer­ence and ingrat­i­tude; in weak­ness and fear, but he has never ceased to ten­derly and gently lead me to him­self. This next step in my journey to follow Him will take me to Buenos Aires, Argentina as a ser­vant of the poor, the out­cast, the feeble, and lame; in short, those just like me.

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