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Student Heart’s Home
in Spokane, WA

The stu­dent Heart’s Home in Spokane is com­posed of 5 American youth who serve the stu­dents of Gonzaga University and the greater Spokane com­mu­nity through sharing meals, coffee, con­ver­sa­tion, and brunch every Sunday. We offer times of prayer and retreat. We share in the lives of the stu­dents and offer them a “home away from home.”

The stu­dent Heart’s Home began in September 2011. Two years after Amy returned from a Heart’s Home mis­sion in Honduras, she desired to be able to con­tinue the spirit of com­pas­sion. While studying and working she was struck by the lone­li­ness of so many stu­dents who had moved away from home and she saw the charism of Heart’s Home as the most needed response.


Friendship with l’Arche
One apos­to­late is sharing in a friend­ship with the L’Arche com­mu­nity. L’Arche is a com­mu­nity of adults with mental dis­abil­i­ties. Through this weekly encounter, we visit their com­mu­nity for dinner or invite them for brunch. We offer the oppor­tu­nity for stu­dents to share in this valu­able friend­ship and allow “the poor to be our teachers of love.

Every Sunday we reflect on the writ­ings of a the­olo­gian. Through this time of sharing, we are able, as a com­mu­nity and with others, to live the week with a con­tem­pla­tive gaze and con­cretely go deeper in this mis­sion of com­pas­sion.

We say night prayer as a com­mu­nity every night, pray the rosary twice a week together and strive to attend daily ado­ra­tion and Mass. All of these we invite and encourage our friends to share in and allow them a time of peace and reflec­tion.

Holidays Parties
Many stu­dents leave their home state to come to Gonzaga University. Through our Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentine’s Day par­ties, we offer them a time of com­pan­ion­ship during the hol­i­days when they are unable to be with their fam­i­lies.

We studied together, watched movies, ate meals, and just spent time. Our friend­ships devel­oped to the point that I con­sider each of them to be best friends. They didn’t just fill a void—they over­whelmed me with love and sup­port”.
Kyle Franklin Graduate Student at Gonzaga

We invite you to share this spirit of Compassion by taking part in var­ious activ­i­ties, just con­tact us!

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