• July 21, 2009

A new start in Brooklyn! (Testimony of Sister Regine)

Sister Regine and Edith, a close friend in Brooklyn, 2008.

After many ups and downs we finally suc­ceeded in moving to Brooklyn on April 12, thanks to the help of many friends!

Our new neigh­bor­hood is called Fort Greene after the name of the park just across the street. We are living in the rec­tory of St Michael/St Edwards’s church located in the middle of Projects in an Afro-American neigh­bor­hood. We received a very warm wel­come from all the parish­ioners who had been waiting for us for a long time. Many were eager to intro­duce us to their friends or to help us in any way they could. We are also very proud to be part of the Volley team of the parish, encour­aged by Father Bob our pastor!

We are close to dif­ferent Universities, Hospitals and Care Centers. We are also not far from Dumbo, known for its artistic life as well as the well-known Brooklyn Academy of Music. All these dif­ferent real­i­ties are true chal­lenges for our mis­sion here and give us many new oppor­tu­ni­ties to spread the Charism of Compassion.

We started to visit two Care Centers hosting around 400 res­i­dents each; where the need of a simple Presence is wel­comed. “Please come back!” is what we keep hearing during our visits. Praying the Rosary in the streets, we also found out about a shelter for women where we like to stop and talk with some of the res­i­dents sit­ting out­side the building. One of them likes to say a decade of the Rosary with us and has an amazing faith.

Some other res­i­dents are very broken and don’t see the meaning of their lives any more. I remember one of my first encoun­ters with a 40 year old woman who was defining her­self as a “f… home­less piece of s..!" It was so painful to receive these words in my heart and to realize how much she was serious about it. At the end of our talk, she finally accepted to be looked at and smiled. I told her that from now on her life was impor­tant to at least one person in the world and that I will keep her in my prayers.

We are also vis­iting some people in the neigh­bor­hood who are very lonely. We started to bring Holy Communion to a few home­bound people living in the pro­jects close to the Cathedral of St James.

We thank you for keeping us in your prayers so that we can always be more faithful to the calling of the Holy Spirit in our new mis­sion in Brooklyn."

St Edwards Street, Brooklyn, April 2008.

Testimony of Sr Regine,
Servant of God’s Presence
April 2008.

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