• April 1, 2016

A new start at Easter

by Sr. Katie

“I’m a little ner­vous…” she admitted qui­etly. “I’ve got a few but­ter­flies in my stomach, actu­ally.” I smiled and tried to reas­sure her that every­thing would be fine. But it’s true, get­ting bap­tized in front of a crowd like this when you’re a grown woman can be a little nerve-wracking – espe­cially if you’re as shy as my friend L. But somehow it was worth all the ner­vous­ness, because tonight, Easter Vigil, “the night when all things are made new,” Laverne wanted to be “made new” – receiving her Baptism, Confirmation and First Communion in the Catholic Church. She had asked me to be her god­mother, and I was honored to say yes, as a wit­ness to the work of the Holy Spirit in her life.

Yet I am only the latest in a long line of friends before me who have brought L. to where she is today. When Sr Regine met her, she was staying in a home­less shelter, far from her family in South Africa. She began to come faith­fully to “church” at the shelter, becoming friends with Sr Regina and Melanie. Then we began inviting her over to our house for a cup of tea, up to the ICCC for our annual prayer gath­ering around Our Lady of Compassion, and even­tu­ally to Mass with us at our local parish. Each time, she came ready to con­tinue growing in friend­ship. Her life is not easy, and every day she strug­gles – it has been a long journey to today. Last July she finally got her own apart­ment and a couple of weeks ago when we went to visit her, she was so happy to wel­come us. “It’s small,” she said, “but it’s mine.” I think it was this sta­bility in her life and the fruit of our faithful friend­ship that gave her the courage to begin RCIA classes in October.

JPEG - 203 kb That night during the Easter Vigil Mass when she pro­claimed before everyone her faith in God and her desire to be received into his Church, it was such a gift to be with her. Her quiet joy and longing to go deeper with God, her simple yes to some­thing new in her life, even here and even now – such mir­a­cles in her life. We invited her over to our house after­wards for cake – to cel­e­brate these mir­a­cles and the gift of our friend­ship with each other. Happy Easter!

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