• February 12, 2011

First two priestly ordinations in India

Father Olivier and Father Albert being blessed by other members of the Sacerdotal Molokai Fraternity

Katie L., who is vol­un­teering in the Heart’s Home Center in Madras, India, tells us about this great event for our Heart’s Home family world­wide that was the ordi­na­tion of our two first Indian priests:

“The ordi­na­tions of Father Oliver and Father Albert marked a deeply beau­tiful and joyful time in the life of the Garden of Mercy. The ordi­na­tions were sched­uled for the 15th of January, just after Christmas. The funny thing was that I found the ordi­na­tions to be so sim­ilar to Christmas! Again we were waiting for the coming of Christ – except this time we were antic­i­pating, with such fervor, the spe­cial pres­ence of Christ in new priest­hood of our beloved brothers.
When we were preparing for Christmas we spoke many times with the chil­dren about the coming of Jesus, pre­pared a Christmas drama, and put careful atten­tion into details such as cleaning, cooking, dec­o­rating, and singing. The prepa­ra­tions for the ordi­na­tions were strik­ingly sim­ilar. We explained to the chil­dren that Brother Albert and Brother Oliver would soon be a priest like Father Peter, a French priest of Heart’s Home living in the Garden. “No!” they cried in aston­ish­ment, “But how? Will they be able to say Mass?” They were com­pletely enthralled. The rest of us shared their vigor, but in dif­ferent ways. Again we put careful atten­tion into cooking, cleaning, and dec­o­rating in order to receive the fam­i­lies and friends of Heart’s Home and the priests-to-be. And the vol­un­teers took spe­cial care to pre­pare a novena to be said during night prayer with the chil­dren for the upcoming ordi­na­tions.

The morning of the ordi­na­tions was greeted with great joy – even in the midst of run­ning around and trying to put together last minute arrange­ments. The women put on their best saris and flowers in their hair and the men broke out their cortas (long white shirts worn on nice occa­sions). In the Basilica I watched the Garden look on Oliver and Albert with a deep pride and joy as they stood at the altar, being con­se­crated to Christ in their priest­hood. All of us were so excited to accept Christ in this spe­cial way.”

Katie L.

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