• January 13, 2011

A new Heart’s Home in Vienna

Alina and Marylouise - Vienna, December 2010

On December 13th, Marylouise, an American vol­un­teer from Wisconsin, arrived in Vienna for the starting of a new mis­sion house. She gives us her first impres­sions of her mis­sion in Austria:

We have only been living in Vienna for one month. Our beginner’s German betrays our new­ness to the city, but in virtue of all the bless­ings and friend­ships the Lord has already show­ered upon us, it feels as though we have been here already one year.

Alina, who hails from the Ukraine, and I are cur­rently living with Monika (a Austrian native and a former Heart’s Home mis­sionary to Naples) in her apart­ment. The apart­ment for the new Offenez Herz (the German name for Heart’s Home) is not quite ready for us as it is in need of some ren­o­va­tions in the kitchen and bath­room, as well as fur­ni­ture, and other nec­es­sary ameni­ties. And so we wait for God’s timing.

Yet, the lack of the phys­ical ‘home’ of the new Heart’s Home has not kept the Holy Spirit from leading us to places in which the ‘heart’ of Heart’s Home…our hearts…Christ’s heart…is des­per­ately in need. We have met many of the people beg­ging on the street for their daily bread as we walk to mass and ado­ra­tion in Stephansdom everyday. We have spent after­noons with Austrian fam­i­lies and Ethiopian fam­i­lies alike, with chil­dren who need play­mates, with mother’s both mar­ried and single who need com­pan­ion­ship. We have spent evenings with stu­dents in coffee shops and pizza par­lors, get­ting to know our peers and the youth of the city, talking about the daily hap­pen­ings of life, and some­times get­ting to delve deeper into their lives, their dreams, strug­gles, and what faith and com­pas­sion mean to this future gen­er­a­tion of Vienna. The Holy Spirit has lead us many places, many unex­pected places, con­stantly sur­prising us with the new mir­a­cles He has in store at every turn.

Marylouise M.

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