• October 5, 2010

“A gesture from within” - Renée K. performance in Jean Miotte’s Atelier

On September 28th Renée Kurz per­formed at Jean Miotte’s ate­lier, a huge white ware­house tucked in the coun­tryside of Provence (South of France). Jean Miotte has a deep friend­ship with Heart’s Home, for his life and art exem­plify the spirit of our move­ment around the world.

“It was a true expe­ri­ence of sur­ren­dering to the gift, of entering and exiting the painting and the heart of Jean Miotte. A heart that knows trial and suf­fering and heartache and out of a ges­ture to keep living, to go beyond the suf­fering and give meaning to his life… he paints. The same is true for my young heart, except I dance. Miotte’s paint­ings cap­ture the move­ment from within every soul and every reality, they bring per­ma­nence and con­tem­pla­tion to the tran­sience of dance, to the mys­tery that I touched a few nights ago and that still res­onates in the hearts of all pre­sent.

Many clas­sify Jean Miotte’s paint­ings as abstract, a term which sug­gests a sort of depar­ture from reality. In fact, I believe they draw us deeper into reality, into our per­sonal inner reality full of emo­tions and dreams. That is exactly why I must keep dancing, it draws me into the reality of ‘now’ to the degree of inten­sity with which I per­ceive it.The reality and depth at which I am living in India brings me to that precipice with firm ground beneath my feet. I enter the per­for­mance space in the same manner in which I enter the humble homes of our friends… with bare feet and a lis­tening heart.

Dancing before Jean Miotte’s art gave me an energy to ‘keep going’! To keep dancing! To keep step­ping into the realm beyond ideas and spec­u­la­tion. To keep entering that silence within, to gently rise and swiftly run, exiting the silence with an explo­sion of color. Only after­wards stop­ping to marvel and wonder at the cre­ation, the moment is simply a ges­ture from within. At the end of the night Jean asked me to dance. I promised we’d dance together again soon… either in Pignans… or in New York! Thank you Jean Miotte for encour­aging me to keep risking my life to live!”

Renée K.
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To read more, visit Renée’s web­site

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