• August 11, 2009

Jessica, volunteer in Thailand

A friend of the neighborhood, Thailand, 2005

Jessica K. is mis­sion­izing in the Heart’s Home Paul VI in Thailand. She left her home­land (Ohio) in September 2008 for an 18-month mis­sion in Bangkok. Here is an excerpt from her last sponsor letter.

“A Thai woman in the street wanted to know my age. I was going to just keep walking pre­tending that I didn’t under­stand, because I really needed to get home.
But there was some­thing broken in her expres­sion, some­thing that begged for kind­ness and hope. I simply could not turn away from her, she needed to be loved.

I am not per­fect in these moments- I am always thinking about what I have to do next, and thus not real­izing the gift that God has placed before me. Slowly, though, over these past 10 months, I have been learning to accept the unex­pected, to allow God to move me in His timing. Hahaha, not easy in the least, but I guar­antee it is totally worth the struggle. This was one of those moments!

Her name was Phii Toum and she says nobody can love her; and why should they? She has done too many things wrong, she said. After telling me these things she lit­er­ally col­lapses in my arms and begins to cry and I mean really let your heart out crying.

I don’t know what will happen with Phii Toum, but I do know that I will con­tinue to pray for her and yes, I will con­tinue to visit with her weekly even if it is just a simple hello.”

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