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A few coins, for a wealth of faithful presence

Would you con­sider becoming a monthly donor to sup­port our Brooklyn team’s efforts?

Situated within the Ingersoll Housing Projects in Brooklyn, NY, the Heart’s Home USA team is made up of per­ma­nent and tem­po­rary full time vol­un­teers from South America and Europe.

The team serves as an indis­pens­able source of moral sup­port for dis­ad­van­taged mem­bers of the local com­mu­nity in shel­ters, nursing homes and housing pro­jects. Striving to forge inti­mate, long-term bonds with these people, the Heart’s Home USA team also aids those in need with day-to-day ser­vices, and also pro­vides links to appro­priate resources such as wel­fare and reha­bil­i­ta­tion cen­ters.

In addi­tion to building indi­vidual friend­ships, Heart’s Home also facil­i­tates the gath­ering of people from all walks of life for national or reli­gious cel­e­bra­tions, in hopes of breaking the walls of iso­la­tion and fos­tering within the com­mu­nity a sense of sol­i­darity and belonging.

With a small gift every month, you can help these mis­sion­aries in their min­istry of com­pas­sion.

  • $15 a month (50¢ per day) can provide coffee and snacks for our weekly gatherings at the women’s shelter
  • $30 a month ($1.00 per day) can provide food and refreshments for our monthly movie nights and cultural events
  • $75 a month ($2.50 per day) can provide 6 meals for 10 people (Heart’s Home team + 2 friends from the housing projects)
  • $100 a month ($3.33 per day) can provide transportation for one missionary to visit friends

Your recur­ring online dona­tion is secure, flex­ible and tax-deductible. You get to choose the amount you wish to give each month and you can change, or cancel your pledge at any time.

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