• February 19, 2013

A course on Metaphysics? In Woodbourne?

By Anais G. Heart’s Home Permanent Member in France

“Some weeks ago, we responded to an invi­ta­tion to attend classes on meta­physics at the ICCC. What a funny idea, isn’t it? Crossing half the globe to attend classes in a lost place in the American woods!

But, in fact, meta­physics speaks to the heart. And because in this place - which we want a Center of Compassion, where every man may be cel­e­brated in his dig­nity - I can go back to the essen­tial, I have, thus, the oppor­tu­nity to ask myself once more the right ques­tions. Metaphysics helps my spirit to step out of its own con­cepts, to relearn what I thought I already knew and to be able to con­tem­plate the whole of reality, the whole reality of Being, of every being. Metaphysics gives humanity back to men and allows me to stay open-eared to Love. To expe­ri­ence all of this, I really need to be in this place: a place of rest and silence; a place where every detail is taken care of, where all calls to beauty! And when I go up the few miles that lead me to the shrine of Our Lady of Compassion, I’m not alone: a mul­ti­tude, in spirit, joins me. It’s the life of all of our friends, of every Heart’s Home family member, of all those who are close to us, of those who are simple and humble of heart, that I bring with to the feet of the Virgin of Sorrows. In this place, my mind awakens to the con­tem­pla­tion of all things, of all Being: In His hand, I find myself loved.

When will the next course ses­sion at the ICCC take place?”

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