• July 12, 2014

A Wedding and a Family Reunion in Spokane

By Katie Infantine, alumnus Ecuador 2010-2011

“The Gonzaga–Heart’s Home family recently reunited to cel­e­brate the begin­ning of a new family. Amy Koreski and Jed Nelsen were mar­ried in St. Aloysius Church at Gonzaga University on May 31. Amy was one of the first Americans to go on a mis­sion with Heart’s Home, and if Amy’s life with Jed is any­thing like her life with Heart’s Home, their mar­riage will be very fruitful!

Since Amy returned to Spokane after her time in Honduras, three Gonzaga stu­dents went on mis­sion, a stu­dent Heart’s Home was born, and many stu­dents’ lives at Gonzaga were filled with joy, com­pan­ion­ship, and com­pas­sion.

To see the Gonzaga–Heart’s Home family reunited for Amy’s wed­ding was to see the work of the Holy Spirit in the flesh. Ever since I first met Heart’s Home, I was amazed at how unde­ni­ably the Heart’s Home move­ment is a move­ment of the Holy Spirit itself. Each member of the Heart’s Home family gath­ered that weekend con­tinues to be just as much a sign for me of the Holy Spirit’s pres­ence in our lives.

This family reunion was like a breath of fresh air for me. It was a time to marvel at how far I’ve come, a reminder of how I can con­tinue to grow and be inspired to live the charism of com­pas­sion more deeply, and a time to be thankful for each beau­tiful member of this family that has helped me in my own path toward holi­ness and helped spread com­pas­sion, lit­er­ally, throughout the world.”

Yours is our family, Virgin Mary!
And we are yours!

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