• January 29, 2013

A Ten-day Adventure in Chile: “Misión País”

Armando, Am. Volunteer in Chile, during “Misión País”

By Simon Delannoy, French vol­un­teer in the Heart’s Home Center in Valparaiso

“Misión País” is a ten-year-old Association belonging to the Chilean Catholic University whose pur­pose is to build up a holier Chile, a country which would be more united in Christ. This year’s slogan is: “Solid in Christ, we are the Church!”

Upon receiving a phone call from a stu­dent friend of ours inviting us to join this asso­ci­a­tion, Sofia, Armando and myself decided to go live this adven­ture in Casablanca, together with a group of around twenty Chilean youth. “Misión País” con­sists of a 10-day mis­sion car­ried out every summer in which the youth go pay very simple gra­tu­itous visits to the people living in the town. We speak about their lives, about God, about the rain or the nice weather… about every­thing. Everyday many activ­i­ties are pro­posed to the chil­dren, as well.

I was amazed to see how this Chilean people wel­comed us, how happy they were to see us, how thankful they were for the 10 days spent together. There was one prov­i­den­tial encounter which par­tic­u­larly touched me with a woman named Mrs. Yolanda. I vis­ited her three times. She’s an elderly woman who had spent more than 20 years in a monastery. At a cer­tain point, she felt obliged to leave the monastery and get mar­ried, so as to provide for her ailing father. She now lives alone, since both her hus­band and daughter have passed away how­ever she her eyes glitter both with hope and mis­chief. She was really happy to meet us and to intro­duce us to the whole of her family by means of many photos. The only thing we did was sit and listen to her, but still, I believe it was her who gave us the most. She was so much in love with Jesus. What a beau­tiful woman! What a blessing to have met her and paid her a visit!”

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