• September 16, 2012

A Swiss Mystic, a Neapolitan Singer
and two American Dancers
join in celebrating Our Lady of Compassion!

from landofcompassion.com:
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Songs & Dances for Our Lady of Compassion

by Marian West

On Sunday, September 2nd, at the International Center for a Culture of Compassion, the Brooklyn Heart’s Home, along with 75 friends from
the neigh­bor­hood and…

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Enzo Avitabile: Stabat Mater

by Paul Anel

Each year on September 15, the Catholic Church remem­bers “Our Lady of Sorrows,” also known as “Our Lady of Compassion”:… Read more...

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Adrienne von Speyr: a Mystic for Today

by Dr. Matthew Sutton

On September 17, 1967, forty-five years ago, the Swiss Catholic physi­cian and mystic, Adrienne von Speyr, died….Read more...

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