• April 23, 2013

A Surprise Guest

Anita and Chloe

by Pia Chedid, Volunteer in Brooklyn, NY

On this par­tic­ular Saturday, our weekly visit to our friends at the nursing home seems to be a spe­cial one. Chloe, Laetitia and myself are bringing, together with our pres­ence, a bag filled with envelopes. On each envelope there is the name of one of our friends. About sixty kids have chosen a friend for whom they have been praying during the Lenten time. As the envelopes are grad­u­ally opened, it all becomes a fes­tival of colors: draw­ings made in markers or pencil, greeting cards, crafts ... it all becomes a won­derful gift to wish Happy Easter to our friends and bring them the joy of the Resurrected Christ.

Elba, a friend who speaks Spanish, receives a small hand­made flower and an envelope with a nice card and a drawing. Her face lights up and her eyes fill with tears. She cannot believe that a kid would have taken the time to craft it espe­cially for her. It’s a small gift, but it says a lot of the unique love by which she is loved. And this joy lasts long: when we come visit our friends again a week later, we see all the walls and bed­side tables dec­o­rated with these little signs of the Risen Lord!

Carmen Laetitia, a friend from the Forth Green housing pro­jects wel­comes with great joy this “sur­prise guest.” Immediately, she hangs out the pic­ture and the gift from her new friend on the sewing machine desk, where she works: "She will always stay here, with me. I don’t need to meet her per­son­ally to know she is my friend. I have a new friend now, mamma!”

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Rose Marie
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Carmen Laetitia hangs her gift
and a photo of her new friend on his workbench

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