• September 7, 2018

A Source of Love

by Gabriel M., on mis­sion in Argentina

     Monica is an elderly woman from Paraguay. She spends every day in bed, by her­self with an incred­ible amount of health prob­lems. She is very over­weight and can hardly repo­si­tion her­self without help. Her hus­band leaves for work really early and comes home late and never seems to give her much affec­tion or atten­tion. A few months back, I had a con­ver­sa­tion with her that has stuck with me as some­thing very pow­erful and has helped me live this mis­sion of com­pas­sion and pres­ence. One morning, I brought her in a wheelchair to the hos­pital for an appoint­ment, like we often do for our elderly friends. After the appoint­ment, we were seated out­side the hos­pital chat­ting for an hour or so. She began to cry telling me about how Heart´s Home has impacted her life. She told me that we give her the feeling of being loved that she lacks and longs to have from her hus­band because we all need to love and be loved. This is fun­da­mental to being human and, for Monica, Heart´s Home is her source of love. She said that she cannot begin to explain how impor­tant our friend­ship is for her. It was a simple encounter, yet a pow­erful tes­ti­mony that I will never forget. It is so hum­bling to realize that I am a part of some­thing much larger than myself—a real­iza­tion that I have every day living here and some­thing I sense like never before in my life. Gabe Murphy is not nec­es­sarily impor­tant for Monica, but Christ´s love and com­pas­sion working through the mis­sion of Heart´s Home is vitally impor­tant.

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