• July 17, 2013

A Reunion in Paradise

By Amy Koreski, Heart’s Home Alumnus

“In June I had the gift to return to my home in an unknown neigh­bor­hood in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. The sights of chil­dren run­ning through the streets and ven­dors selling fruits in little stands, the smells of hot tor­tillas and humid air, and the sounds of Spanish music, roosters crowing and buses honking, brought me instantly back and my whole being knew I had returned to Central America.

Although out­side appear­ances showed min­imal change I quickly learned that quite a lot of changes have hap­pened to the fam­i­lies in 5 years. In fact, many friends of mine had been mur­dered. It was very painful to find out about the many people I really loved and had imag­ined to be fine, and find that was not the case, but there was so much joy in the reunions! I felt I had entered back into this life of over­abun­dant joy and sorrow. I had entered back into the reality of my friends. The Wednesday Mass back at the house, cel­e­brated by Padre Jose, hap­pened after a par­tic­u­larly shocking piece of news for me. Yet, as they began to pro­cess in and sang “Ha lle­gado el reino de Dios” ( the Kingdom of God has arrived), I couldn’t help feeling how true it was, that somehow within all this misery, the kingdom of God really has arrived in my little neigh­bor­hood in Honduras.

One par­tic­ular encounter was truly a mir­acle. Dona Florentina was a mother we had gotten to know through her son. She didn’t live in our neigh­bor­hood- in fact we didn’t know where she lived. I really wanted to see her. I had to try to find her. Together with a brother and sister of com­mu­nity we went to her neigh­bor­hood and began to ask around. One person led us to a “woman who knows everyone from the church.” That woman not just told us, but dropped what she was doing to be our guide through the neigh­bor­hood to her house. We knocked...would she be home? Would all the searching be worth it? “Diosito lindo!!” We embraced, cried, and shared some juice and news. Such a little taste of the sweet reunions in par­adise, when we no longer will have to live sep­a­rated from the ones we love nor from our Creator.

I was honored and hum­bled to be a small instru­ment in the almost 15 years of mis­sion­aries who have been here. I was honored and hum­bled to be such a small part of such a beau­tiful and eternal mis­sion of love.”

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