• January 21, 2014

A Promising Back-to-School Experience

Back-to-school evening at Heart’s Home St Ignatius

By Katherine T., Volunteer in Spokane, WA

“Just after the hol­i­days, our com­mu­nity was blessed to have our vis­itor, Melanie, come and join us at our home in Spokane. Her visit came just at the right time, and was really helpful for us in starting of this new year and this new semester well by deep­ening our mis­sion and sense of com­mu­nity. During Melanie’s visit, she led the five of us in a weekend of silent retreat. This weekend of silence was filled with many graces, as we con­tem­plated our encounter with Christ and what He calls us to do, and read together the writ­ings of St. Maximilian Kolbe. It is amazing how, by being pre­sent with each other in silence, we were able to grow so much as a com­mu­nity, deep­ening our rela­tion­ships with each other and with God.

This expe­ri­ence of retreat also gave us the grace to see our mis­sion here at Gonzaga with new eyes, and to share it more fruit­fully with our friends. As soon as school began again for the spring semester, we hosted a back-to-school night at our home for our friends. So many of our dif­ferent friends were able to come, and it was a won­derful gath­ering. Because Melanie was still with us, she talked with our friends about what Heart’s Home is, beyond our mis­sion here in Spokane, and Amy gave a pre­sen­ta­tion about her expe­ri­ence of her Heart’s Home mis­sion sev­eral years ago in Honduras. Our friends were very inter­ested in and atten­tive to these pre­sen­ta­tions, and it was beau­tiful to see how much they wished to con­nect to our mis­sion and under­stand better what we do as part of Heart’s Home. After the pre­sen­ta­tions, our friends joined us in drawing “friends from heaven” to stay with us through the year ahead. Judging by our first event of the year, this will be a very fruitful semester for Heart’s Home St. Ignatius!”

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