• May 18, 2011

Our New Movie : A Home for the Hearts

An inti­mate des­cent into the daily lives of the Heart’s Home vol­un­teers in Brooklyn, NY,"A Home for the Hearts" (approx.8mn) unveils one of the most cre­ative and life-giving expe­ri­ence to happen in New York City in this past decade. Poignant and fast-paced, this is a story of life-giving encoun­ters, redeemed humanity, and artists in quest for beauty.

From the heart of one of New York City’s most dan­gerous areas to the breath-taking beauty of the “International Center for a Culture of Compassion”, “A Home for the Hearts” unveils unex­pected jewels and opens win­dows of hope in the city Mother Teresa called “the world cap­ital of lone­li­ness.”

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