• April 27, 2016

A Hidden Gem: The Fazenda do Natal - Video

Amid the trop­ical jun­gles of Brazil is a hidden trea­sure: la Fazenda do Natal, the Christmas Farm. A little dif­ferent than other Heart’s Homes, our vol­un­teers live in com­mu­nity not only with each other but also with some of our friends who need to find new hope. The size of a small vil­lage, they wel­come chil­dren (some with spe­cial needs) and young mothers needing a safe place, into a family life that is healing in its very sim­plicity. Here’s a little snap­shot of their life together - take a stroll in Brazil and dis­cover the beauty of uncon­di­tional friend­ship and new pos­si­bil­i­ties.

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