• December 17, 2013

Chile: A Feast of Colors
and Friendship

Chilean Dance for Mary

By Benoit Chavanne, vol­un­teer in Valparaiso, Chile

On Sunday December 1, the com­mu­ni­ties of Valparaiso and Santiago accom­pa­nied by some friends of Porvenir Bajo - our neigh­bor­hood - made a pil­grimage to the Marian Shrine of Los Vasquez. It was a day of intense joy in which our friend­ship got strength­ened by simply sharing time together in the midst of nature, chat­ting, playing with the kids.

And play we did! Football, water games, hide-and-seek, and many more! These are kids who can some­times be so dif­fi­cult, due to the lots of energy that they do not know how to use pro­duc­tively. I came to realize that in fact they just need a little atten­tion, lots of affec­tion and some cre­ativity to always do some­thing new. And I also real­ized that I begin to love these chil­dren so much. How beau­tiful to spend time playing with them!

The big sur­prise of the day was the tra­di­tional dances in thanks­giving to Mary for all the graces received throughout the year. It was some­thing mag­ical, amazing, hard to put into words. Each com­mu­nity had their own cos­tumes and dances, musi­cians and melodies. Upon seeing that feast of colors, I could not but thank the Lord for being here in Chile, for the beauty of the Chilean cul­ture and Chilean people whom I am still dis­cov­ering and who are stretching my heart.

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